3 reasons you need a roofer

When a huge storm comes through and unleashes its fury on our roofs we know to call the local roofing company. Many homeowners only call on a roofer when they need a roof repair or replacement but most roofers can help you out with more than just the nitty gritty installation. To give you an idea of the versatility of your local roofer, let’s review three reasons you might need a roofer so you can get the most out of your local roofing company thanks to All Things New Roofing.

3 Reasons You Need a Roofer to Inspect Your Roof

Roof Repair/Replacement

The specialty of roofing companies is roof repairs and replacements. When you have damage on your roof or if it has served its useful life, you want to have it repaired or replaced by a local and reputable roofing company. A reputable roofing company can walk you through the entire process, provide estimates, and take care of the work itself. Try to find a roofer that specializes in installing the type of roof you want.

Insurance Claims

Many roof replacements from storm damage are also insurance claims. Working with your insurance company is often more tedious than installing a brand new roof but the good news is that many roofing companies will work directly with your insurance company. If you don’t want to have to keep up with the paperwork, make calls to your adjuster, or mess around with a roof insurance claim, just choose a roofer who will do it for you.

Real Estate Transactions

Roofs always seem to come into play during a home sale. You can use a local and reputable roofer to inspect the roof, suggest any work if it is needed, or draw up a certification that the roof is in good shape. If any prospective home owners inquire about the roof, you can just show them the certification from a reputable roofer.

It’s obvious that you need a roofer to help you out with the repair or replacement of your roof but roofers can also help you with insurance claims and real estate transactions. If you need any of this work done you don’t have to call multiple types of contractors, just call your roofer.