Though recreational cannabis is new to the country, many have been purchasing medicinal cannabis products for several years. You can use recreational cannabis for some of its positive health benefits, but most don’t like feeling high when they want to address a simple issue such as pain management. Luckily for those, there is CBD and CBD oil. 

CBD oil is a concentrated form of the cannabinoid cannabidiol and has been used for centuries for common ailments such as pain management, but now CBD oil has hit the mainstream. So how effective is CBD oil when it comes to pain management? Do you have to smoke it? Let’s learn more about this popular new product as it relates to pain management and where you can buy CBD that isn’t snake oil

Using CBD Oil for Pain Management 

Understanding CBD

Because it’s related to marijuana, people get antsy about CBD, but those fears are unfounded. While both CBD and THC are found naturally-occurring in the cannabis plant, only THC is a psychoactive compound. CBD is a separate cannabinoid from THC and does not produce a high like its cannabinoid cousin. In fact, CBD may counteract the psychoactive components of THC. 

Studies on CBD Oil 

Though it is still federally illegal, there are many positive studies related to the use of CBD. Fortunately, this isn’t some dude performing “research” in his basement. CBD and CBD oil as they relate to pain management have been studied by Temple University’s School of Pharmacology, the American Academy of Pain Research, and a host of neurologists, oncologists, and other medical doctors. Most studies make a positive correlation between CBD and managing pain.

How to Use CBD for Pain Management 

CBD can be administered in many forms. It can be eaten, taken in pill form, smoked, put into drinks, or applied topically. What’s the best way to administer CBD oil? Whatever you are the most comfortable with. Smoking and vaping are the most popular ways to use CBD for acute symptom management while ingestible or topical applications are more suitable for long-term management. 

Always talk with your doctor before starting any CBD regimen. Although CBD is safe, it may interact with other medications. Do not start a regimen until you’ve received approval. 

Purchasing CBD Oil 

If medicinal or recreational cannabis is legal in your state, you can find CBD oil in most local dispensaries and online. If cannabis is illegal in your state, you can likely still buy CBD oil manufactured from industrial hemp, though it will not be as effective as CBD produced in states where cannabis is legal. 

Research is happening as we speak, though early studies point to many benefits when it comes to CBD and pain management, so try it for yourself! Always talk to your primary physician before starting any CBD or CBD oil regimen.